Academic excellence achieved through a demanding curriculum taught from a Godly perspective
5255 West 98th Avenue
Westminster, CO 80020
Phone: 303-466-1673

About Hyland Christian School

Hyland Christian School began as a dream of several families living in the Brighton, Colorado area in the late 1970s. This dream saw its fulfillment in 1980 when Crossroads Christian School opened its doors in the Brighton Church of Christ building.

In 1984, the Northwest Church of Christ congregation invited Crossroads Christian School to move into their building in Westminster. The move was made and our name was changed to Hyland Christian School, taking on the name of the local residential area.

Today, the dream continues. Hyland Christian School offers a safe, moral, and disciplined environment where students excel academically, socially, and spiritually. We strive to instill within our students a knowledge and understanding of God’s will so that in their future professional and personal lives, they will have a strength that allows them to thrive in an often chaotic and confused world.

Don’t wait for tomorrow—the time is now. Register at Hyland Christian School today. Invest in your child’s spiritual and academic future.